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League Update: 19.09.2018 – Transfers

Dear Member Clubs,

Please be advised that the Transfer Form and Transfer Process Guide for 2018-2019 are now on the League Website.

Please note, transfers cannot take place until 1st October, when the transfer window opens, so please do not submit forms before then.  The transfer window closes on 28th February 2019.

Kind regards

Michael Hickford
General Secretary


League Update: 06:09:2018 – ID Cards

Dear Member clubs

All cards produced have been collected tonight.

Please check them asap

If there are any errors please email copying me in.

Any cards missing or not correct due to any error by the registrations team Steve will arrange for corrected cards to be produced and delivered to clubs in time for their weekend match providing he is notified by 5pm tomorrow evening


Carole Marshall
Mid Herts Rural Minors League
07958 924 555

League Update: 03.09.2018

Dear Member Clubs, 

A note to remind you that the hand-out meeting is taking place this   Thursday 6th September 2018, between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm  at  The Scout Hut, Furzefield Centre Car Park, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 3BW.  (Hut is furthest side of car park away from main building) 

All registration submissions, received before the cut off date of 31st August,  will be ready for collection at this meeting unless there are queries, which Club Secretaries will have been advised separately.

Please be aware that the representative attending will be expected to collect for the whole club and not individual teams.

Kind regards

Michael Hickford
General Secretary




League Update: 01.09.2018

Dear Member Clubs

All registrations up to the cut off on Friday at 6pm have been processed and loaded to Mitoo.

There have been a large number of queries where players have registered for more than one club and where too many players have been registered for a team/squad.

All have these queries have been addressed to club secretaries today and many have already been resolved.

In the situation where a query hasn’t been resolved the cards for that team/squad will not be released.

The next cut off for registrations is 6pm on Sunday 10th September.  Registrations received by then will be available for collection Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning from

46 Cotton Road, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 5JG

The cut off will be 6pm each Sunday thereafter to be ready Tuesday evening/Wednesday Morning

As soon as cards are ready for collection an email will be sent to club secretaries


Carole Marshall
Mid Herts Rural Minors League
07958 924 555

League Update: 30:08:2018 – Registrations

To All Member Clubs

Thanks to everyone who has actively being sorting out outstanding issues today.

Here is an update as at 2.30pm today

Clubs not affiliated

Rap – Aid

Teams I cannot see on WGS or team names don’t match Mitoo

Frontiers Youth U 8 Cougars
Frontiers Youth U16 Panthers

Teams without valid CRCs

Frontiers Youth U 9 Jaguars
Frontiers Youth U 9 Panthers
Hatfield Comet Youth U15
Hoddesdon Town U7 Reds
Potters Bar Crusaders U15
Rap Aid Youth Fit to Live U13
Rap Aid Youth U12

Teams with insufficient players to start the season  (deadline tomorrow at 6pm)

BSCFC (Youth) Athletic U14 0 -11
BSCFC (Youth) United U18 0 -11
Bury Rangers Reds U14 0 -11
Chase Side Youth Clarets U16 0 -11
Chase Side Youth U 8 0 -5
Chase Side Youth U13 0 -11
Elite Feet U11 24 -3
Frontiers Youth Panthers U16 0 -11
Frontiers Youth U 7 0 -10
Frontiers Youth U10 0 -7
Letchworth Garden City Eagles Blacks U17 0 -11
Letchworth Garden City Eagles Indigo U17 7 -4
Paringdon Youth Leopards U13 0 -11
Paringdon Youth Lions U14 0 -11
Paringdon Youth Pumas U13 0 -11
Parsloe Athletic U 7 0 -5
Parsloe Athletic U 9 2 -12
Parsloe Athletic U16 0 -11
Potters Bar Crusaders U 7 0 -10
Rap Aid Youth Fit 2 Live U13 0 -11
Rap Aid Youth U 9 0 -7
Rap Aid Youth U12 0 -9
Rap Aid Youth U16 0 -11
Sumners Youth U10 0 -7
Tottenhall U13 9 -2
Welwyn Pegasus Cyans U14 0 -11
Welwyn Pegasus U12 22 -5

As always if you believe any of this to be incorrect please advise URGENTLY

The matches for the teams listed above will not be able to play 8th/9th September, matches will be postponed and published fixtures will be awarded to the opposition

Where possible alternative matches will be organised for teams who have enough players

Carole Marshall
Mid Herts Rural Minors League
07958 924 555