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League Update: 24:06:18 – Draft Constitution

Dear Member Clubs,

Please find attached a copy of the Draft Constitution for the 2018-2019 season for the Mid Herts Rural Minors League.

If Clubs have any queries or wish to Appeal against where teams have been placed, can they please email  All correspondence must be in writing and via the Club Secretary.


The deadline for lodging any Appeals is Sunday 1st July 2018.  No Appeals received after this date will be considered.

The Appeals Committee will be Mick Hickford (General Secretary) Christine Lovell (Treasurer), Carole Marshall and Maxine Carter.  The Final Constitution will be set by 8th July 2018.

There are many age groups where there is a different number of Divisions than previous years.  Therefore, when looking at where your teams are placed, please take this into consideration and assess the teams you are
grouped with, not the name of the Division.

In respect of non-published age groups U7-U12:-

*         The Management Committee will move teams as the season progresses to ensure teams are in an appropriate Division for their standard, and if necessary, after looking at results, will make changes.

*         Please only appeal if you believe your team has been placed in completely the wrong Division (i.e. more than two divisions adrift) and you have clear justification to support this;

*         Many of the non-published teams have stated they are development or completely new teams, so it would be impossible to get these correctly placed from the outset.  Please bear with us on this.

In respect of published age groups U13-U18:-

All teams will be closely monitored by their Fixtures Secretary throughout September and early October and if there is clear evidence of an incorrect Divisional placing, those teams will be moved into a more appropriate

Can I ask Club Secretaries to check the Constitution to ensure that we have
the correct full teams’ names listed.  Please note that those teams listed with the League, must be the same as those registered with the County FA to which they are affiliated.

Any amendments/discrepancies with team names should be notified to  by no later than 8th July 2018.

Kind Regards

Michael Hickford
General Secretary