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League Update U9-U12 Divisional Cups – Teamsheet Deadline


We are still missing 25 team sheets with only 2 days to deadline when the matches will be awarded to the opposition.

I have now sent 6 emails chasing these and fixtures secs have been chasing managers.

As previously stated if team sheets are not received by Friday we will assume managers don’t want the teams to be entered in the divisional cup.

If the decision has already been made by a manager not to take part please let me know and I will award the match so the opposition know the situation

Many thanks

BSCFC (Youth) U10 Athletic
Frontiers Youth U12 Pumas
Hoddesdon Town U11 Blacks
Hoddesdon Town U11 Blues
Hoddesdon Town U11 Reds
Hoddesdon Town U11 Whites
Hurst Drive Youth U 9
Hurst Drive Youth U10
Paringdon Youth U 9 Lions
Paringdon Youth U 9 Pumas
Paringdon Youth U11 Lions
Paringdon Youth U11 Pumas
Paringdon Youth U11 Tigers
Paringdon Youth U12 Leopards
Paringdon Youth U12 Pumas
Paringdon Youth U12 Tigers
Rap Aid Youth U12 Fit 2 Live
Sumners Youth U 9 Pythons
Sumners Youth U11 Cobras
Sumners Youth U11 Pythons
Ware Rangers U 9 Flamengo
Ware Rangers U10 Santos
Ware Rangers U12 Flamengo
Ware Rangers U12 Santos
Welwyn Pegasus U11 Skys

U16 & U17/U18 fixtures secretary
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