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League Update 25th August 2016

Dear Member Clubs,

Can I please remind you that all correspondence other than to do with fixtures must come via yourselves to me. Some of the emails I have received direct this week could have quite easily been solved by you. Myself, Carole and Maxine are happy to deal with enquiries direct regarding full-time activation but all other enquiries need to come via Club Secretaries

Full Time

Great progress is being made with Managers/Coaches etc activating their log on details on Full-Time, however, there are still quite a few that have not.  Please encourage your Managers/Coaches/Administrators to do this ASAP.

We are already seeing Kick Off times appear on Full Time –we appreciate you may not yet know what time as a couple of weeks away but as soon as you do know please update Full Time.

Players are being updated regularly so please don’t contact us if you are missing any players until after the hand-out meeting on Tuesday.


We are currently updating our website where we hold all our directories etc and as soon as this has been completed I will let you have the details.

Referee Allocations

We would advise that we are still in the process of sorting out a system to manage Referee allocations and would ask that you bear with us for the moment and refrain from emailing with queries about Referees. Further information will follow but we would advise that as always priority for allocations will be given to those games with published KO times.


Please find attached latest version of the Directory.

Standard Code of Rules Youth for 2016/17

The FA have made changed to their Standard Code of Rules as follows:

Rule 8 A (i) Qualification of Players:

The wording  “any known serious medical conditions of the Player and” has been deleted where it appears twice in the Rule.  The amended wording reads, “The registration document must incorporate the emergency contact details of the Player’s parents or guardians.”

Rule 10 A Conditions of Play:

To amend an error to the maximum duration of play for Under 9 and 10 from 30 to 25 minutes per half.

Rule 10 D Conditions of Play:

To amend an error to the minimum number of players for a match in “9 v 9” from 7 (seven) to 6 (six) to be consistent with FA Laws of “9 v 9” Law 3.

A copy of the updated Rules are attached.

Laws of the Game

We have sent the following to all our referees which will also be of use to all your Managers/Coaches:

Hopefully, you will be aware of the major re-write of the Laws of the Game that have been implemented. Here is useful link to help you view the revised Laws and understand the changes ready for the start of our Season.


Special attention needs to be given to the number of substitutes you may take to a game for U11’s upwards.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards.

Amanda Smith
General Secretary
Mid Herts Rural Minors League

League Update 22nd Aug 2016

Dear Member Clubs,


Please remember the final date for registrations to be ready for the 31st of August is this Tuesday the 23rd of August.   I would remind you that if you do not have the minimum number of players registered per team, by this date, that team will not be able to start the season.


Please find attached the latest updated version of the Directory.


All Managers have now been sent an email invitation for Full-Time which needs to be activated ASAP before the link expires.  There are a lot that have not been yet been activated, can you please encourage all your Managers/Coaches to check their emails and activate their log on as a matter of urgency.

We will be releasing fixtures today and will require kick off times to be added to Full-Time in order for Referees to be allocated, this can be done as follows:-


Kick Off

Logon to Full Time with your Username and Password

Click: Fixture wizard

Pick Division

Click Manage Fixtures

Click Find Fixture

Click Edit

Enter KO time

Click Update

We will be also giving access to all Club Secretaries to all their teams within the Club over the next few days.

Further guidance regarding Full-Time will be sent out in due course.

Hand-Out Meeting

The hand-out meeting will be on Tuesday the 30th of August commencing at 7.30 at The Shamrock Club where match balls, delegate bibs and registration cards (if submitted by the first cut off date) can be collected. Committee Members will be on hand to try and assist with any queries you may have.

Kind regards.


League Update 18th Aug 2016

Dear Member Clubs,

We would inform you that the new Clubs/Managers meeting on the 1st of September 2016 has been cancelled.

We will instead, be sending out guidance notes etc over the coming few weeks as to how to use Full-Time.


All Managers as listed in the Directory will be receiving an activation email from Full-Time which you have 7 days to action; therefore can you please do this straight away and let us know if you have any problems.


We will be releasing fixtures for the first weekend on Monday the 22nd of August; although we are awaiting County Cup draws for Middlesex County FA which will then enable us to complete the published age group fixtures.

Once you have received your log-in details and the fixtures have been released can you please ensure that you put your kick off time on; instructions to follow.


Please find attached the first draft of the League Directory please let us know ASAP if there are any errors.

U7 Fixtures

As previously advised fixtures will be starting at the beginning of October. Can you please let me know by return if you wish your teams to participate and the standard of the team i.e. top/middle and bottom standard. We plan to have 5 divisions if all teams are taking part.

Please ensure that all information is passed on to all your Managers and Coaches.

Many thanks.


Amanda Smith
General Secretary
Mid Herts Rural Minors League

League Update 21st July 2016

Dear Member Clubs,
2016-2017 Season

Some of you may or may not have heard rumours that Mitoo has ceased trading. I have not heard from them since the 12th of June. I have sent many messages, made phone calls and left voicemails but have had no response from them about setting up next season. It would appear that no Leagues have been set up at all across the UK.
We therefore have  no alternative but to change to another provider. We could carry on waiting and hoping that Mitoo will set the basics up for next season but then many hours of work by the League is needed and we all work and do this in our spare spare time; we feel we need to act now. My faith in Mitoo has gone completely as they have not had the decency to respond to any correspondence with us and in fact with many other Leagues that I have spoken to.
I have been speaking to The FA and have agreed that we will be switching to Full Time (we knew we would have to one day) as there is no point with going with another company like Mitoo as we could end up in exactly the same position.
This will mean changes to us all and training will need to be given to all in due course.
U7 Fixtures
As stated at the AGM it is very difficult for us to find venues to host U7 festivals, we are therefore proposing to start fixtures for U7’s from the 1st of October for those that wish to participate. In due course I will be asking all Clubs to confirm if they wish to take part in fixtures from that date or whether they wish to wait until after Christmas.
Kind regards.


Amanda Smith
General Secretary
Mid Herts Rural Minors League

AGM – 23rd June 2016

Dear Member Clubs,

We would remind you that the AGM is on Thursday the 23rd of June 2016 commencing at 8.00 pm at The Shamrock Club. Clubs are reminded that they may send only two delegates to the AGM on Thursday 23rd June.  Each Club shall be entitled to one vote.

When clubs arrive, can they ensure they sign in and please hand in last season’s registration cards to the Management Committee.

Please find attached Club Entry Form that needs to be completed and handed in with full payment at the AGM, we are pleased to announce that there has been a reduction in the fees.

Also attached are a copy of the Mid Herts Rural Minors League Accounts as 31st May 2016, for your perusal, the accounts have been verified and signed off by a Chartered Certified Accountant.  If you have a query please can I ask you to put them in writing by email to amandasmith65@btinternet.com when the League will be more than happy to answer them.

Copies of the minutes from the 25th June 2015 AGM are attached and a list of the Election of Officers and Committee members for next season.

A copy of the AGM Agenda for the 23rd June 2016 is also attached.

If there are any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Amanda Smith
General Secretary
Mid Herts Rural Minors League