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League Update 19:08:2018 – Registrations

Dear Member Clubs,

The Registration Team will be having their first cut-off today at 6:00pm whereupon within the next day or so they will provide me with a spreadsheet to get Mitoo uploaded and to enable me to send you a list of your registrations so far.

When you receive this, please check, and if you believe that any players are missing which were sent before 6:00pm, contact the Registration team, via the registrations email  This process will happen again on 31st which is the final cut-off for starting the new season.

Any teams without the minimum number of registered players (Rule 18B(iv) required before the start of the season will not be able to play and for published fixtures their match will be awarded to the opposition, in matches where both teams do not have enough registered players the match will be made void and not be re-scheduled.


Carole Marshall
Mid Herts Rural Minors League
07958 924 555

League Update 16.08.18 – Handout Meeting – Change of date and location

Dear Member Clubs,

The handout meeting scheduled for 28th August has had to be postponed, as the League sponsors have been let down by their suppliers and the ball order will not be ready in time. Please note, this situation is beyond the control of the League.

However, in an effort to save Member Clubs two separate trips, to collect registration cards and a further trip to collect balls and bibs, a new handout meeting has been arranged.

The rescheduled meeting will now take place on :-

Thursday 6th September 2018, between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm


The Scout Hut, Furzefield Centre Car Park, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 3BW.

All registration submissions, received before the second cut off date of 31st August will be ready for collection at this meeting.   We will contact every club prior to the meeting and ask them to carefully check the lists of every card we intend to give out at this meeting as it will be too  late to sort out any errors with cards at this point for the start of the season.

We would advise that in order to meet the cut-off deadline of 31st August, only submissions which are correct and ready to be processed will be guaranteed (for the start of the season) and for the meeting on 6th September.

There are still 250 teams/squads without enough players to start the season, therefore, please continue to give this your urgent attention and submit registrations as soon as possible.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Kind Regards

Michael Hickford
General Secretary
Email:  Michael.Hickford@midherts.com




League Update 10:08:18 – Mitoo

To All Member Clubs

Mitoo has now been released.

Please could I ask that you check that you can see every team you are expecting.

To check Saturday teams please check at the bottom of a Sunday date and for Sunday teams please check on a Saturday date.  This is because if a fixture has been posted for a team in the background it won’t be visible.

Should there be any teams missing, with the wrong name or have now folded please let me know urgently.

Any free week requests, special requests regarding fixtures should be sent to fixtures secretaries as once fixtures are posted they will not be able to be changed.

Passwords will be sent out shortly and the first weekends fixtures will be released on 20th August.

There seem to be a huge amount of registrations still to be submitted and of those submitted the standard has been poor.

Steve and Ryan will continue to process as quickly as they can but with only an estimated 25% having been submitted so far it could be a challenge.

To avoid getting caught up in a backlog please act promptly

Many thanks

Carole Marshall
Mid Herts Rural Minors League
07958 924 555

League Update 08.08.18

Dear Member Clubs,

We are receiving lots of queries regarding dates etc, information of which were given out at the AGM.


Very few Clubs have sent their registrations forms in, can we ask that you do not leave it until the last minute.  The first cut-off date for registrations to be with registrations@midherts.com for guaranteed issue at the handout meeting is 6:00 pm 19th August 2018.

The Second cut-off date for cards to be guaranteed for the start of the season, is 6:00 pm on 31st August 2018.  These cards, will need to be collected 46 Cotton Road, Potters Bar, EN6 5JG and you will be contacted when they are ready.

Any enquires regarding registrations should be sent to Carole.Marshall@midherts.com

It is an FA requirement that teams have the minimum number of players registered 7 days before the start of the season (1st September), failure to do this will mean you cannot play the first week of the season.

Handout Meeting

Tuesday 28th August at 6:00 pm, Shamrock Club, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Season Start Dates

Non published age groups U8-U11, Saturday 8th September, (U7 start on 22nd September) published age groups U13-U18 Sunday 9th September.

First League Meeting

Thursday 20th September 8pm, Shamrock Club, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.  All Clubs must send a representative or will be subject to a fine.

Presentation Day

Sunday 9th June 2019, The Spotlight, Hoddesdon.

Fixtures & Mitoo

Mitoo will go ‘live’ on 18th August when the first fixtures will be released, you are reminded that if you wish to use one of your two free weeks then the request must be received in writing by your fixtures secretary 21 days before the fixture.  Team passwords for Mitoo will be sent to Club Secretaries shortly before then.

Attached are the Management Committee Directory for this season, the League Rules and Appendices, the Member Club Directory and the playing plan for the U7-U11 non-published age groups, please pass on to your Managers.

Kind regards.

Michael Hickford
General Secretary

Email: General-Secretary@midherts.com

League Update: 22.07.18 – Affiliations

To All Member Clubs

Further to last weeks email I can confirm progress is being made with nearly half of member clubs are affiliated, all teams are on WGS in the same format as Mitoo and CRCs for all teams are current.

This is where I believe we currently are  (if CRC is highlighted in blue there is a problem with WGS which the FA are trying to resolve)

Affiliation Status 20.07.2018

If you believe any of this information is incorrect please let me know and I will investigate.

When you believe everything is complete please let me know and I will check that is what I see on WGS.

I am keen to get this completed asap so anything you can do would be appreciated

Many thanks

Carole Marshall
Mid Herts Rural Minors League
07958 924 555